If you build a brand new web site, it’s important to locate the best design and style for it. Through the Host at MrTsComputers dot com Control Panel it can be done really fast. We have now for you an array of more than 800 specific site web templates readily available for 100% free. They’re presented with all our cloud hosting accounts and are also fully customizable.

Almost all of the themes are made just for our services and are not accessible anywhere else outside of the Control Panel. This means the possibilities to find another person using the same theme as you are generally nominal.

800+ Complimentary Layout Templates

Completely customizable. Automated Setting up

To save you time in selecting the correct look for your website, we have designed a assortment of over 800 complimentary layout templates in the Host at MrTsComputers dot com Control Panel. The themes are engineered to cover different ideas and needs – you’ll find themes for personal web sites including blogs or portfolios and also business web sites or web stores.

Each of our complimentary layout templates can be found along with both the Applications Installer and the Simple Website Installer. It means that it is easy to add the theme you want on a brand–new website in seconds.

Free Website Themes